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Your safety is our priority!

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Bicycle Safety Training

Most people first driving experience is riding their bicycles as young children. Therefore safe and correct behavior while riding, as well as, managing and maintaining the bicycles is imperative for the safety of the child from an early age. In addition, the level of responsibility taken as a child will set the tone for his later behavior and practices with other vehicles in future.

ICRS Road Safety Educational Training for Young Bicycle Riders aim is to increase pupils' awareness to road safety, correct usage and riding of bicycle.

Course Outcomes and Benefits

  1. Pupils will become familiar and understand basic concepts in traffic and road safety
  2. Pupils will become familiar with basic concepts of traffic laws, regulations and how to read road signs and signals
  3. Pupils will become familiar with proper and safe bicycle riding
  4. Pupils will become aware of road related risks and safety measures to be undertaken when riding their bicycle, when interacting with other road users and as road users themselves
  5. Pupils will learn how to maintain and correctly ride their bicycles
  6. The training will foster an understanding of personal responsibility, the desirable road conduct behavior that considers personal and collective road usage safety and the respect to others and human life

Who is the course suitable for?

School pupils ages 5-15.

Different approaches and methodologies are used to cater to the different development, cognitive and physical abilities of the range of age groups.

Training Duration: 1/2 day

Course Outlines:

  • Traffic, road signs and bicycle riding rules
  • Types of bicycles, safe and correct usage
  • Rules of safe riding
  • Personal responsibility
  • Bicycle riding and other road users
  • Bicycle parts, their functions, and maintenance


Training includes both in class and outdoor training activities